Secularism has been around politically some two hundred years, but now it has the monopoly on the political system to the extent that even countries such as Saudi Arabia, which claims to favor Islam in the legal system, are now obliged by the US Government to apply secularism, especially to the family and the business laws. So, the ideology of Secularism is dominant, powerful and literally dictates the lives of people around the world while traditional religions, such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism are forced to remain on the sidelines.

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When Secularism entered the realm of politics in France through a bloody civil war, by chopping people’s heads off, it contained some 'positive' objectives. It wanted to bring to the world what the traditional religions had purportedly failed. That’s why the Anglo-American Secularism had to come up with some good principle and over emphasize them, such as, freedom, equality, human rights, women’s rights, political rights etc. As it has become clear now, these were slogans just to look good and be more attractive than the traditional religions, as a stepping stone to dominance.

When the British Empire conquered the whole world, divided it into so-called independent countries – which are no more than administrative units, and imposed on them Secularism with all its political and civil components, such as political parties, the concept of parliament, the secular laws and legal system, the secular values, even in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire – the last Islamic caliphate, we can say that Secularism is at its peak. So, in my view, the only purpose this ideology and the British Empire had was just to conquer the world. After all, Secularism is a hardcore materialistic and extremely pragmatic ideology. It does not believe in any transcendent values. The plan of Secularism was not genuinely to guide the world to a certain path or future; rather, it strove for power – here and now and in the most pragmatic way.

The reason why, in my opinion, Secularism is degenerating at a rapid pace is because in essence it does not have sublime and transcendent goals. It observed some good principles and values only to defeat the traditional religions and gain power. The only objective that Secularism regards now is control. That’s why we see our secular modern governments from the USA to France, from Russia to South Africa, from Morocco to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, from China to Australia be obsessed with control. They don’t even care to look good any more, regardless of their hollow slogans they so often use.

The secular Anglo-American political system and its subservient world has degenerated into control, control, control. Every law, executive order, legal interpretation, political agenda, and the massive propaganda is about control. In short, Secularism has failed completely. It has become synonymous with control and oppression.

Sabri Lushi