Beware of the Canadian judicial system and judges. Their primary role is not to protect people, but the government. The Canadian legal system is totally corrupt, full of mythology and lies, full of legal mechanisms granted to judges in order to attack people politically. Every time one deals with the Canadian judges, they should keep in mind that they are dealing with the most corrupt and politicized branch of the government. It is a dishonest, immoral and agenda-focused legal system.

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As for Muslims, know very well the you are not allowed to come to this country in order to flourish and succeed. You're brought here, and sometimes even forced to come here, as no one prefers to abandon their homeland, in order to pay a price, to destroy your family, possibly to steal your children and eventually render you completely defeated.

Don't be deceived by good sounding words and propaganda, such as judicial independence, human rights, legal rights, the court and the state are the victims - as if they're trying to help you.

Canada could have democracy and justice, but that's only for some. However, if you're a Muslim, you are a clear target of a well organized political and legal agenda.

The corrupt system in Canada will never let you, especially men, raise your own children and be able to succeed economically unless you pay the price.

Beware of the Canadian corrupt judicial system. Be prepared to fight political against the government and the immoral judges. Your battle is not a pure legal battle in Canada, so never, ever hire a lawyer.

Fight a political battle with the enemies of human rights, of those who incentivize violence and promote corruption.

If a judge decides to steal your children under the legal justification of the best interest of the child, consider it a direct political attack on your children.

No immoral judge has the constitutional right to remove the parenthood from the natural and legal parents. Parenthood is a natural right. If that's taken from you by a barbaric and political judge, never give up. Fight against the barbarism. At least, your own children will appreciate your battle.

The Canadian judges have clear agendas no matter how much they try to hide beyond legal terminology. They are the deep state. They're primary job is to protect the state and push ahead the unjust political agendas, such as the discrimination of Muslims, more particularly men.

Sabri Lushi