Sadly, 19 children and 2 teachers were killed by a teenage gunman. This is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last one although I wholeheartedly wish it was the last. Mass shootings are becoming an identifying trait for the American society. Words of sorrow, condolences, and a call for gun control are expected to comfort the parents of these children, who are devastated, but these are not enough.

The President of the Untied States of America addressed the nation. Once again, he urged Americans to stand up to the gun lobby, which he blamed for blocking enactment of tougher firearms safety laws. But, is this enough? Isn’t it the time to look deeper into the problem of mass shootings?

People are becoming desensitized and superficial. They notice the symptoms, but not the real cause of the problem. In my view, it is not a surprise at all for the American society to breed such people, who enter an elementary school out of the blue, full of innocent children, and kill 19 of them for no fault of their; yes, 19 innocent young kids and two teachers of theirs. Twenty one lives were taken.

Mr. Biden shouldn’t be surprised at such a massacre, nor the American people. This is the symptom of an ongoing problem, and that problem certainly isn’t gun control only even though it could contribute. This mass shooting shows that the fabric of the American society is breaking apart. This shows that all the moral and natural mechanisms that lie at the root of a sound and flourishing society are being demolished and crushed one by one by politicians and so called human rights activists.

Apart from guns, there is a whole host of other factors that contribute to such insane and psychotic actions. The perpetrator isn’t the worst of the Americans, nor is he alone responsible for that. It is the American laws that are ripping the American society apart; it is the American anti-family laws and agendas that are destroying the society, yet we see no politician raise their voice.

How can we blame a teenager for committing a preposterous crime when the American media and the political debate are dominated by abortion rights – killing babies in the wombs of their own mothers, by appointing judges to the supreme court who don’t know the definition of a woman, who radical and extremist feminists are brought in front of congressional committees to testify that men can become pregnant. These are symptoms of a sick society.

It is not an individual who is mentally sick in America; it is the entire society that is heading in that direction, which is trying to redefine the most important and sacred values of humanity.

To President Biden:
it’s not only guns that are killing children; the extremist and radical liberal activists and immoral judges appointed by you are killing children, too, and they are paving the way for destroying the whole society as you are giving a voice and a position to the wrong people.

Sabri Lushi