This question can be answered in different forms and from different points of views. However, one might even ask another question before answering it, that is, whether we have enemies in the first place, and the immediate answer is, yes, we have enemies, indeed. Different from traditional ones that were obvious, the enemies of our modern time – a time that is characterized by meticulous political control and coordinated global plans, are not let in hands of the natural selection; rather, they’ve been designated carefully for each country by our strategic allies.

Who are then our enemies?

First, we have to know that our modern enemies are designated. They are not enemies in the classical sense. Everything has changed. It is not up to you and me to decide who they should be. Even wars are not left in the hands of coincidence and the greed and human nature for dominance and expansion of power; rather, they are planned rigorously.

Thus, in the modern time of globalism, enemies should be designated carefully; they should meet one major criterion, i.e., to maximize the distraction of people from real enemies and problems as much as possible.

The biggest enemy, as they say, is the desire to know and ask questions, especially if you’re not certified. Certification lies at the root of the modern intellectualism and free speech.

But, who are the enemies?

Who the enemy is depends on where you live. You cannot choose your enemy, nor are you allowed to use your brain in order to figure out this important part of reality. In times of monopolies and extreme political control, the process of designating enemies for each nation or country is exclusive to our allies, who, after all, have spared us the pain of this difficult task.

For Albanians, for example, the enemy is Serbia and Greece. If you think that they are not the enemy, you are a traitor and the enemy of our nation. If you do not take Serbia as an enemy, you deserve to be striped off the Albanian citizenship, some might argue.

For Ukrainians, the enemy is Russia, as we all are witnessing these days. I believe that we all agree on this, especially in the West. For those who think differently, they’d better not use their brain too much.

For Saudi Arabia, the enemy is Iran while the latter is the enemy of Egypt, too. Qatar replaced Iran for two years then things changed. The game of enemies between Turkey and Saudi Arabia is even more interesting: two years friends and two years enemies.

In addition, Israel is the common enemy of all Arab countries while the USA is the biggest friend of all of them, including Israel. In this case, the friend of the enemy is not an enemy. Laws of physics work differently here.

For the USA, the enemy is China while North Korea is a permanent threat to the whole world.

Modern politics has invented some other strange types of enemies, too: UFOs, climate change, ISIS, white supremacy, domestic terrorism, xenophobia, and misogyny.

Sabri Lushi